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Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2022
Peter is an amazing storyteller for sure. But this book borders on being rediculous. Way too long for starters. It got that way by constant repetition. The same conversations filled with angst and self loathing then on to how much they loved each other. Over and over. I know this sounds weird but the sex scenes were too long and completely over the top rediculous. Jill, the wife, was a complete whore and slut. Then she would profess her love for Dave,the husband, declaring he was the love of her life. Completely incongruous and unbelievable. Jill is a totally unlikeable character. She isn't a loving caring wife and mother who sometimes has some slutty behavior but rather a total slut who masquerades as an intelligent professional and mother of three. Sorry Peter but what were you trying to do with this story. And whatever it was you could have done it with a third of the words. Hank
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