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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2021
Scroll to last paragraph for my main problem with the book

I like to read books before passing them on to my kids, so I purchased the kindle edition to review myself before ordering a hard copy for my kids. My 2 sons (age 8 and 10) are HUGE wimpy kid fans. I don’t personally love it but I find it tolerable and see why they would find humor in the stories. Mildly rude graphic novels are definitely not my preference of reading material, but the kids love it and there’s nothing (usually) that makes Kinney’s books an absolute hard no for me, so I indulge them by purchasing.

About the book: This was a very different feel than the other wimpy books I’ve looked over. This was more a collection of independent comics/ short stories unrelated to one another. All but the last story didn’t involve any of the ongoing characters. Each story seemed to have some kind of underlying agenda or “moral”. Most weren’t scary/gory at all, and I (as an adult?) really couldn’t find much humor, or things I thought my kids would find humorous. The best story was one about a kid who was just a head meeting the headless horseman (as a kid) and they teamed up, becoming best friends and taking a girl to a dance etc... The last story was also pretty good although I don’t approve of the content (demon possession). This was the story that actually involved wimpy kid characters, Rowley invited Greg for a sleepover and they watched a movie about demon possession, then Greg became “possessed” and did all sorts of bratty things. The other stories weren’t too fascinating to me but did at least have some type of moral- one was about a kid who had a hair under his arm and then turned out to be a ware wolf (learned to be himself and just go with in instead of hiding), one was about a airport machine that turned people into skeleton people (exposing the virtues and pitfalls of everyone looking alike), one was about an old lady nobody ever visited that accidentally got buried alive (moral, pay attention to elderly relatives), and a few more that didn’t make much of an impression.

The one story that rubbed me the wrong way and ultimately merited a negative review was a story of a little girl who bit people from the time she was a baby. They diagnosed her as a vampire. Long story short- she was just a big brat with no special needs but her parents manipulated the school system to get all kinds of ridiculous special accommodations at school like a modified “biting” classroom and cartons of blood served in the lunchroom etc. There was a strong message to kids that people who are getting special accommodations in school are probably just really just big brats with lazy parents.
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