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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2014
After reading this entire series, and everything except the last as yet unfinished final book of Beyond the frontier continuation of this series, I feel 3 stars is correct.

The book is a good space Opera. scifi military adventure. The story is fun, and original enough to be worth reading. It is good enough that despite it's shortcomings I bought every book and read them in a week. (I am retired I have the time).

Let me explain the main shortfall of this series and why it is 3 stars however. Like a lot of series it restates things that are already known to remind people whats going on in-case they forgot between one book and the next. This book however takes it to a new extreme. Here is a few examples.

1. Every battle the author re-explains often in agonizing detail how space battles in his universe take place. (several times within the same book, every book in the series)

2. Every time the main character jumps into a new star system and maneuvers the author re-explains how they judge distance, and relation in space of the fleet. ( not just once per book to catch people up who may have forgot... but a annoyingly large amount of times. )

3. I am not black jack --- Get used to this he will whine about it for the next 9 books. Think he finally found resolution and accepted who he is after a book? WRONG he will whine about it again in the next book and resolve it again, and again, and again.

4. You will skip over the sections of banter between him and his love interest in later books. It is tired and dry, and essentially they have the same conversation over and over. See number 3.

5. Last a summary. This series is 50% re-explaining what already happened or has been explained, 50% new content. I did a word search... Entire paragraphs are literally copied from one book to the next.

Despite it's flaws it is entertaining to read. However It will never be your favorite series or sci-fi universe.
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