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Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2020
My product DELTA 9 Bin toy organizer fell apart because the seam on the mesh that holds bins in place ripped completely off within 3 weeks! I tried calling this place to start a claim and after days and hours on the phone waiting to get a live representative bc they either kept directing me to the wrong place or the “correct place” the directed me to ends up hanging up on me after waiting on the phone for an HOUR I finally get someone who says I’m better off staring a claim online which I did because I have kids and by this point was done wasting time on the phone, only for them to tell me that my claim was denied because I did not provide “correct product information” which makes no sense when I clearly gave all the information about the product and even sent in copy of receipt of both item(which had item name and item number) and “protection plan” which is a waste of money since they are not approving my claim. Their website where you are to start a claim doesn’t even have a proper category or product to choose from to match the product I purchased which you would thing if they are “protecting it” it would be an option!!I have emailed them and will be expecting a FULL refund if they deny continue to deny my claim.
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