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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2018
I used to absolutely love this series. I discovered Laurel around the time of Blue Moon and she quickly became my favorite author as I read that novel and her previous offerings. I had always anxiously awaited all of her new books with child-like glee, but lately that glee has turned to apprehension.

It seem lately like I’m struggling to even get through her books. I don’t feel the connection with my long beloved characters that always made it such a treat to throw myself into the latest story.

The novels have become redundant, and frankly, boring. Most of the pages are spent on the mechanics of living a “poly” lifestyle and so few are left to the actual plot that it’s a difficult slog to move forward in the story. I’d long ago accepted that I had to wade through numerous “by the numbers” sex scenes to actually progress in the storyline, but I’ve found I’m unwilling to do that with so little payoff anymore.

The plot lines and action seem to have almost disappeared from this series and I don’t even recognize the characters anymore. It’s become frustrating to force myself to read through the boring cliche “poly relationship” talking to death to get to a short part that is remotely interesting.

The last several books have just been rehashing the same things over and over and it’s gotten so cliche that I kind of want to make a drinking game out of it. Anita has a problem with a security guard because they don’t see her as being as dangerous as her bodyguards? DRINK. Hearing about how Anita likes to go down on men when they are “soft”? DRINK. References to “our shared boy? DRINK TWO! (At one point I literally rolled my eyes alone in my bedroom after reading another uttering of that phrase). How about “our sweeties”. Ughhhh. DRINK. Someone is pissed off at Anita because she doesn’t pay enough attention to them? DRINK. Some girl is jealous of Anita? DRINK. You’d probably have alcohol poisoning at this point, so I should stop.

Everyone has their breaking point and apparently this is mine. I won’t be purchasing any future books from Ms. Hamilton. I’d hoped she could listen to her fans and get back to what made her series so successful in the first place, but it doesn’t appear that it is going to happen.
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