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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2019
This is a great bargain for security systems. I am using it for 8 cameras with IR, a IR flood light and another 12V control box. I love the fact that it fuses the individual lines. I knocked off a star for putting the AC input on the side. It would have been better if they put it on the bottom. I had to buy a angle AC cord so it would fit in my application. The box is very well made and less than it would cost to put all the components in your own box. I burned up a few fuses when doing some wiring and they were easy to see because the red LED goes out when the fuse is gone. Another nice touch is it has a power switch inside the box. The outside of the box has 2 LEDs for power in and power on. It also has a nice lock (won't keep out the serious intruder but will keep kids out). I highly recommend this for security cameras especially if your system came with moronic wall adapters. I'm sure this draws much less power then using 16 AC adapters.
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