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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019
Would there be anything more terrifying than waking up and not remembering who you were?

When Chloe Daniels regains consciousness after a car accident, she doesn’t recognize her own family, and she isn’t sure they are telling her the full truth of what happened before her accident. The premise of this book is so chilling and suspenseful. It truly stands out from other books that deal with memory loss as well. Michelle Adams has a unique voice and perspective, and I enjoyed Between the Lies so much I purchased my own finished copy! This is a fantastic psychological thriller!

Chloe Daniels wakes in a hospital with no memory of what happened before. She doesn’t recognize her family. She doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t remember who she was. A car accident is what they told her. But now she is isolated at her family’s home, trying to regain her strength and sense of self. But things don’t quite add up. Her family isn’t telling her something. They are lying to her. And what about her father and his therapy sessions he conducts with Chloe? The more Chloe uncovers, the more she realizes she can’t trust those she is supposed to love the most.

Chloe is a truly fascinating character. As opposed to how readers connect with most leads, Chloe is actually sort of a non-character at the beginning. She doesn’t know exactly who she is or what her life is, so through the early part of the novel, we get to know Chloe as Chloe gets to know herself. It’s an interesting way to develop a character, because we are shocked by the details of her life we learn right along with her. We are placed in her shoes.

As Chloe learns more about her life, there are these fascinating moments where Chloe’s moral compass kicks in and we see her doubt whether she was the type of person she wants to be. She is often shocked by behaviors or actions other describes, and without context, motive, and feelings, she doesn’t always know how to reconcile those stories with who she is now. It’s truly a fantastic and gripping way to learn about a character, seeing her question what she learns about herself. And all of that contributes to her confusion over who is lying to her—because what she hears about her life doesn’t sound like who she is at all. And maybe it isn’t who she is!

I don’t want to say much else, because I don’t want to spoil any of Chloe’s stories, but I will say I loved this novel! Very suspenseful and unique, and Michelle Adams is so talented as a writer. It was so compelling learning about Chloe’s life as she does, trying to make sense of the stories she is told and the fragments of memories that come back to her. A fantastic thriller that readers will love!
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