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Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2020
To be honest I loved how comically bad the first movie was expecting a similar outcome I gave this movie a go; HOWEVER it was subpar compared to the first. Majority of the time you have no idea whats happening on screen and once you do the scene changes. Heres some more of its flaws
-Theyre in Mexico...but not a single Mexican! Albeit not even a spanish-speaking person.
-That scene where that guy is blasting music like he's just working on his car in an autoshop like its nothing- come on man
-Why is the current presented like a tornado with no source at all
-Technically they never actually go 47 meters down
-And fat, albino sharks that are fully grown, and look quite well fed. are living in desolate caves munching on the very sparsely shown zombie fish???
Hello??? Logic?
-The plot feels like they sort of tried compared to the first one but it still was lacking in proper development
-It felt like some scenes had excessive over-processing (if you could even see)
The characters are awfully bad with their moaning and groaning until you get to the point where you're happy that they were killed off so that you no longer have to hear them. A basic cliche in the beginning to be half-assed and tied off at the very end. Also do these girls have no concept of pain? Being munched on by a GREAT WHITE and having hardly any damage- smiling and laughing whilst bleeding out? I feel as if maybe this movie could've partially been decent but rather just made me wish I could've gotten that hour and half of my life back.

Don't watch this movie unless you enjoy criticizing movies and or very drunk with friends.
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