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Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2020
My dog looks forward to his bedtime Greenie all day. We have our routine down. Right before I head to bed, I grab the bag and shake it and ask “who wants a Greenie?” My dog, who is usually already asleep, jumps up and runs to the backdoor. I open the door and he runs out to quickly do his business. Then he trots back with a huge smile on his face knowing that he’s about to get his Greenie.

I always keep a huge stash because I’m afraid of disappointing him if I ever were to run out.

I will add that my dog is a picky eater. We have tried competitor brands such as Whimzees and he literally won’t touch those.

I will add that I’m not sure how much these actually do for dental hygiene (I can’t say one way or another). My dog is 5 years old with beautiful teeth (a lot of people comment how clean and white they are... he’s never had a professional teeth cleaning), but his breath isn’t the best.

My dog is 75 lbs and technically should get the large based on his weight, but we get the regular size and they’re perfect (and cheaper).
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