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Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2020
The first book was good, the third was fairly bad. There's a great world, there's a fine plot, adventure, character development, enemies, hints of darker tidings. All that you can want... initially.

By the third book however... This is a book about stabbing, stabbing, this is a book about stabbing, stabbing... Oh sure, the occasional bashed skull, and bite and whatnot. It's a never ending series of melees, and battles on the way to the big final battle that we've been waiting forever for. Then there's there's some expounding about the basic simple theme of the book, with the chance to listen to various characters philosophize about courage and honor, and truth, and friendship! We get it. Please stop, it wasn't that tough of a concept really.

The POV switches every chapter, and we check on on the main characters in rotation, without fail, even when nothing is really going on of interest.

Grievous bodily harm. Everyone takes horrific wounds, and yet is up and about in the next scene, and battling through the "pain." How heroic, that they can work around severed muscles with that can do attitude!

It becomes tedious and utterly predictable. This would have been great if it was edited down to two books. As it is, I can't really recommend it, I know I won't be re-reading it.
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