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Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2020
4.5 My life needs more Cyborgs in it Stars

Network Effect had just about everything I ever wanted in a full-length story about Murderbot.
1 – More character development - ✔
2 – More AI-mance time between Murderbot and ART -✔ 
3 – More pesky humans almost getting themselves killed - ✔
4 – More Murderbotisms - ✔✔✔
5 – More fake media shows to get involved with peripherally - ✔ 

Murderbot has spent a lot of time since we last saw it trying to figure out what they want to be now that there are more opportunities for it. Mensah’s marriage partners and family are trying to be cool with the non-mass murdering former Sec Unit she has brought home and have some questions about their ‘relationship’. I think Murderbot’s performance just dropped 5% there. But, while Murderbot is trying to figure out what it now wants to be when it grows up they might as well make some credits and be security on for some of the Preservation scientists on an expedition. They’ve even worked out contract negotiation a little better this time.

***“No hugging,” I warned her. It was in our contract. ***

Seriously though, I’m not sure how the people from preservation ever survived before Murderbot came into their lives as things go terribly wrong and they hop out of the frying pan an into the fire so to speak. Murderbot needs to help ART, that means that first he needs to figure out what happened to ART and the crew that ART cares for so much.

Murderbot is in rare form in this new installment to the series and they are learning a lot about social interactions and helping people. It seems like no matter what they end up with some humans that need to be saved and they are the only one that can do it. They might not think they have emotions happening but I’m pretty sure there is more going in their than Murderbot knows what to do with.

***“Just remember you’re not alone here.”
I never know what to say to that. I am actually alone in my head, and that’s where 90 plus percent of my problems are.***

With a new bad guy to focus on Network effect leaves behind the troubles with GrayCris and finds other things in the universe to be afraid of. It appears that other companies have done or are doing some very questionable things and Murderbot will again need to pull out a few miracles to save some of his favorite ‘clients’ and ARTs crew.

I had a fantastic time in this book and really liked the direction the story took and how many more possibilities it opens up for Murderbot long term. My favorite thing in the book was ART and murderbot making a baby. Not really, but sort of, you’ll see when you get there.

If you were a fan of the short stories in this series I hope that you enjoy this full length story that was able to dig a little deeper into the mind of my favorite Cyborg Unit.
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