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Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2021
What a disappointment. This really was a New Yorker article that was dressed up to a book and then sold to suckers like me thinking there is more to it. For such a short "book," it was all over the place. The first half was all about the Norden scope but then it dropped it like a hot coal and then obsessed over Lemay or Hansell or Lemay (i don't think he could figure out which way to go. So was Lemay a better person for burning down Japanese cities to save American lives or was Hansell a better person for sticking to a failed strategy of precision bombing that failed and ultimately was going to cost more Japanese and American lives if we stuck with it and had to invade? I don't think Gladwell figured that one out. If the book was about the morals of burning Japanese cities to the ground, how was Dresden not even mentioned? I still don't know what the main point he was trying to convey was because the book so much all over the place in just 210 mini pages with macro font.

He was able to interview 2 military historians, whom he repeatedly quoted, and that seemed to be his entire source material. His repeated plugs for his podcasts were equally annoying.
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