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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2019
I needed a carry on for Europe. Our family of 6 embarked on a three week, 6 city adventure. Lots of trains and planes, stairs and cobbled streets in the rain. This bag held up great. I bought this bag because I didn’t want to worry about any size issues and end up having to check my bag. I also wanted a light bag and this bag hit the mark on both of those items. It is verblight weight and the size is perfect! I was able to expand it while I went on the trip and added keepsakes as we traveled. I love the color too! The rollers and zippers are quality and the handle worked perfectly as well. I didn’t get stuck once. It held up nicely, but this thing tipped over ALL-THE-TIME!! I even bought some stones at a market for gifts(quarts, crystals and others), they weighed about 5 lbs and I strategically placed then in the bottom back of the bag with other heaver items like my boots in hopes it would help and still it would tip! It was less times, but it still tipped!! We had a running joke about my bag as a family because it was the only one that did this and it was throughout the trip. I had to make sure it was always leaning against something when I was in the restroom, restaurant or checking my phone for ticket information. I ended up straddling it for moment stops when I had to take my hand off the handle to grab a coffee or water or whatever. As much as I love all the other qualities of the bag, the tipping issue has clouded the positive qualities. I will be shopping for another bag, even though this one is still in good condition. It was inconvenient for all of us.
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