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Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2018
I was pretty underwhelmed with this book. I found that it beat around the edges of both story lines and made a pretty weak case for how they intertwined. Neither story hit the details of the motivations of either Marconi or Crippen. For Marconi, it seemed like the author was focused on his struggles for recognition rather than the technical aspects of his work which were sorely lacking. The word 'wavelength' probably doesn't show up until the last 15% of the book and then maybe twice. I don't get the impression the author was particularly interested in radio or well versed in it. For both story lines, a lot of words are written but the content and the ability to convey a sense of action, dread, doom, whatever is sorely lacking. This book suffers from what I call 'buying by the pound' syndrome. It is very long and a decent book is hiding in there if the author and his editor could have tightened the story into something paced better. The book is a better idea than its execution.
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