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Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2014
i enjoyed the first few books but now the plots are becoming redundant and the outcomes predictable. I LOVE the story of Jaimie and Claire but find it hard to believe that Claire would leave Jaimie for 20 years and stay with Frank. Diana would like us to believe that Claire didn't know Jaimie still lives. They are Soul Mates, Claire would feel him and discover what Frank learned that Jaimie lives and she'd go back through the Stones with Brianna much, much sooner. It doesn't make sense that Claire, an independent, strong minded woman would stay with Frank. Just doesn't ring true. OK, so it's 20 years later, Claire returns to Jaime and now, Diana wants us to believe that Jaimie and Claire can still sleep under the stars, tramp through forests, continue to rough it and not feel their ages of 40+? I was in excellent shape in my 40's, and throughout but I no longer went camping without some comforts that I didn't use in my 20's. Roger and Brianna are OK characters but they aren't charismatic or as wonderful a love story as, Jaimie and Claire. Actually, I'm not that thrilled with Brianna and can't imagine why Roger is so in love with her. Glad so many people like this series but I'm done.
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