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Reviewed in the United States on December 18, 2012
Absolute Final Crisis is the complete story of the DC Final Crisis saga. Darkseid gets a hold of the anti-life equation and begins to take control over the people of earth, and in some cases the heroes.

The Good:
The artwork done by the various artists in most cases is nicely done. Since the story spans multiple comics you will get a nice range of styles. This is also a nice way to get the whole story without having to track down all the books and crossovers.

The Bad:
Even though it is the complete story, I felt that it assumes the readers are somewhat familiar with the more important characters. I am mostly a Marvel fan, so I have not read anything in the DC Universe in awhile. While reading this book I kept asking myself "Who is this person, and why are they focusing on him/her?" There is also a sequence in the book that has "3 D" pages interspersed which requires you to use the glasses provided. I found it to be extremely annoying an totally unnecessary. The worst is that some of the 3 D effects were on colored pages, and when you put the Red/Blue glasses on the colors looked horrible.

In short, it was an interesting story that was nicely put into a single package. Nothing really stood out, however, so I feel it's only "OK" at best.
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