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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2022
The book ends on a cliffhanger.

It’s purely a personal preference, but I prefer it when a writer creates a book that is so good that I want to read the next rather than contriving their ending as a cliffhanger. If an AU, characters, and plot are compelling enough, readers will want more.

In this case, there are problems with the AU, characters, and plot because the author is more invested in setting readers up for a series than writing a great book. As a result, nothing is explained terribly well. The only adult/parent figure, Luna’s father, Dick, is obviously being set up as the villain who murdered Griffin’s father, Killian’s family, and Sterlyn/Dove’s pack. Why? Presumably it will be explained at some point in the distant future.

As for Sterlyn, that name. Lol. It reminds me of MIBIII when J lies to K, saying that he was at Coney Island to meet his girlfriend Shtaren. There were elements to the book that were unintentionally funny which made for a jarring tonal problem contrasted with the graphically violent aspects to the story. For example, Sterlyn/Dove sees her entire pack killed in front of her and the next day she is disappointed the clothes she borrows from Killian’s dead sister’s wardrobe are not to her personal taste. I should think that she would have other things to worry about, but what do I know?
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