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Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2017
Ben Coes' First Strike is the sixth installment in the Dewey Andreas franchise. What beings as a routine mission for Dewey to bring some critical intel out of Syria, builds to a edge of the seat, nonstop thriller. The basic premise is that ISIS is an unfortunate result that has gotten out of hand by a naive Defense official trying to support moderate Middle East elements with the deal to leave the US alone. Naturally, all this has gone south by the time Dewey enters the picture. After initially being a one man wrecking crew in Syria, Dewey must deal with a college dormitory hostage situation that just happens to include Hector's daughter.

Dewey's tradecraft gets a full work out this time out. The action scenes are frequent and well detailed. In addition, Dewey offers several creative responses to extracting himself from tough situations. At the same time, there is also plenty of involvement by supporting players to avoid the one man show syndrome so common with many pseudo-thrillers. Finally, Coes continues to provide Dewey with fresh scenarios that avoid staleness and repetition.
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