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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2021
No Love Like Nantucket: Sweet Island Inn Book 4 is by Grace Palmer. This book slightly changes gears and deals with Henry’s sister, Toni. Toni has been married to Jared and lives off-island. However, her heart has remained on Nantucket.
Toni has a weird feeling about her marriage, something is different but she can’t figure out what. She would like to surprise Jared with weekend get-away on the 4th of July weekend. She knows he doesn’t like surprises so she had talked to him about going away and he agreed. She had made all the arrangements and now was headed home to catch him at lunch with an ice cream cake shaped like a cabin. However, her plans were dashed as was the cake when she arrived to find Jared in a compromising position with his secretary, Heather. Her marriage, her dreams were smashed. Knowing she had to get away before saying something horrible, she left the house and headed for the airport and Nantucket.
The story changes at this point and alternates between the events in 2000 and eighteen years later in 2018. Now the event that changes things is her brother’s death. Henry died in a storm while he was fishing. Now Toni and her sister-in-law, Mae, are left with the grief. Toni made a decision to leave Nantucket and leave the inn in Mae’s hands. She headed to the airport and purchased a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maybe she can restart her life so she can return and handle everything.
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