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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2016
There are some good lessons here -- how do you scale effort, break down silos, foster collaboration, speed decision-making. No one was handed a more difficult challenge than Gen. Stanley McChrystal. By all accounts, he injected massive, urgently needed change into the military procedural apparatus, a notoriously top-down, increasingly archaic beast. Here, he recounts the challenges, setbacks and successes of these efforts. And, he and his three (!) co-writers detail how we civilians can apply the same practices to our business lives.

I applaud the book as well as the General's service to our country. There are, however, two elephants in the room rummaging back-of-mind while you're making your way through these pages:

1) Gen. McChrystal is peddling business advice and is "US Army, Retired" a bit before he wanted that title. [See Hastings, Michael.]

2) His superb efforts aside, his two remits (Iraq, Afghanistan)? Not exactly sorted out.
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