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Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2014
I liked the premise of this story. However, it lacked substance and real detail. One of the things that bothered me about the story was the total lack of understanding by the prince, his father and mother (the King and Queen) of the terrorist. They seemed to be completely clueless on why they even had terrorist. Wouldn't a good leader question their own morality and integrity and ability to lead a country, if strife and anger were constantly cropping up in their lives in the form of terrorism? They seemed not to know what the terrorist want, the prince in particular - and he was being groomed to take over. Shouldn't he have a great understanding? They had far too many terrorists - if you ask me - to justify trying to marry off the prince. They should have been taking care of that problem first. They were "endangering" the selected women - they had no clue why the terrorist were attacking but they thought nothing of dressing up the Selection and parading them on Televised reports. Many people were more interested in which selected princess wanna be would make the cut than they were in the terrorist. The whole story line was just too shallow and lacking in intelligence for me to finish it. The first boyfriend was a shallow jerk - and if he truly loved her as he later claimed why would he endanger her by sneaking into her room? It just sounded like a story a 12 year old would make up without doing any research. Maybe a 12 year old would enjoy this book - but I did not. I could not even finish it.
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