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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2019
This is the first Kindle I have ever owned or used for more than a couple seconds. My current employer actually told me to pick one up, and I could have chosen any Kindle I wanted. After reviewing the choices I decided to purchase this one, despite it being the cheapest. Honestly, I’m quite thankful.

I wanted something of a small size, and a device that would be comfortable and easy to hold with both or either individual hand. I do not need to store a million books, nor do I plan to read in a river, or while taking a shower. If that changes, then I’ll update you on the water resistance of this device ;)

As far as the actual devices goes, it is a nice size, capable of shoving into a small pocket in a bag, and is easy for me to palm and hold in a variety of ways. It is extremely light, and I could easily hold this for hours. The touch screen is responsive and flipping pages is easier and faster than I anticipated, while also avoidable when just holding the Kindle to read. I was hesitant about the lack of physical buttons, and although I still wished they were present (e.g. on the sides), I lack no confidence that they will soon be forgotten. Since I read a good bit of technical books, and like to take notes, I was wondering how well this would function. Although typing up paragraphs would be challenging, I was pleasantly surprised with the responsiveness. I will probably leave shorter notes and markers on my Kindle and elaborate more when on a computer or tablet. Although it is certainly not a smartphone or computer, it superseded my expectations.

I do not have experiences to compare against, being my first Kindle, nonetheless the screen itself is bright and clear, whites being a light gray, and blacks being… well, dark. I did not find an option to invert the colors (font white, background black), which was unfortunate. I also find it odd the power button is on the bottom. I definitely foresee this being bumped while resting against a surface. At this point, I am also a bit disappointed this does not use USB-C. I am guessing Amazon is saving this for a newer, more expensive device, but honestly, I feel all devices like this moving forward really should have this.

Having freedom in my choice here, I am thankful I chose this Kindle variant, and given the price point, I am doubtful anyone would complain once they held it in their hands. Any shortcomings I do have, and minor and I am doubtful they will be an ongoing annoyance. Definitely recommend.
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