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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2010
WHAT THE DOG SAW is another collection of articles astutely written by Malcolm Gladwell, columnist for the New Yorkers and best-selling author of TIPPING POINT, BLINK, and OUTLIERS.

No one juxtaposes events or topics like Gladwell. He takes two apparently-unrelated topics and finds that weird intersection where they collide. He makes sense of the universe in a quirky, unconventional way which is invariably insightful, funny, and thoughtful.

In WHAT THE DOG SAW the reader is treated to a comparison and contrast of bomber pilots and mammograms, the secrets of marketing hair color and postwar America, plagiarism and creativity.

In addition, he is sometimes simply riveting. Writing about Cesar Millan and his gift of understanding dogs, Gladwell is beautiful, artistic and insightful. His essay on Enron did the impossible, brought into doubt the indubitable; the guilt of Enron and its officers. He writes powerfully, painstakingly and impartially about homelessness and the price of public programs.

He thinks critically, writes boldly, and muses wisely. Gladwell is smart. And thoughtful. And so is the reader for simply having read his stuff.
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4.6 out of 5
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