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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2021
Either I got a defective unit or its cooling capability is just woefully inadequate because this thing heats drives very close to and sometimes beyond WD's own recommended specs while idle. [50-60c]

Additionally, there's no practical way to retrieve data in the event of some kind of failure. I spent hours browsing forum posts and tech articles and could not figure out a way to access the data outside of the NAS in a manner that doesn't involve Linux terminals [and even then people seemed to have trouble.] I love Windows Storage Spaces because you can mirror drives and each functions perfectly fine on their own but the EX2 WD might have implemented some kind of proprietary formatting which requires you to use their enclosure to access the data. One post I read even said you can't recover the data without using both RAID1 drives...doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of redundancy?!

I figure anyone who's looking for a user-friendly experience will be deterred by the difficultly of recovering data and anyone experienced with NAS is going to want something more robust anyway. On the plus side, I was impressed with how easy this was to set up initially so if my complaints about overheating or the inability to recover data doesn't apply to you then this might be worth considering.
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