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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 1, 2018
I just finished this book. If there was a basis for giving a book 6 stars, I would give it to this book.
I’ve read all the Tracy Crosswhite books. Each has been a great read. No question, Robert Dugoni is a terrific story teller. This book was outstanding all the way through.
I don’t re tell story lines in my reviews. Instead I analyze the read by plot, character development, rising and falling action, anti climax (where evident). And, of course, resolution.
I’m suspending my normal approach in this instance.
What I want to say, is how much I was impressed with the story telling approach the author used in this read. There are several stories interweaving with each other in this book. Each story has its own chapter and each contains a mini “cliff hanger” at the end of the chapter. Ordinarily, I dislike cliff hangers, because their sole motivation...from the writer’s point of view is to entice the reader to read the next book. In other words such books are not stand alone reads.
The beauty of this read is that every “cliff hanger” is resolved at the end of this book! I marveled at the way Dugoni put this all together. And, he did.
To be any more specific would be a big ***spoiler alert***.
But by doing it the way his did, is again, a 6 star effort on his part and one of the best books I’ve read to date.
You do not need to read any of the prior Crosswhite books in order to appreciate this book, Each is a stand alone unto it self. However, what I will say is that each of the prior books enriched this read very nicely.
I greatly recommend this book.
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