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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 1, 2019
two things...
I was stunned to hear the pregnant woman never saw her heroine again after a hospital visit. Wow..she deserved better than that. She laid out there motionless for hours in over 100 degree heat for a stranger.
The other thing... they didnt go into Whitman's life at all. He was found to have a large brain tumor at autopsy,located right in the area that probably explained a nice normal person doing such a thing.
I lived in Long Beach Calif at the time of the shooting and was a senior in high school. To this day,me 71 I can remember just like yesterday. But what this incredible film does is take me to the
scene as if I were a Texan and that just made it more interesting. Seeing the people today and them taking us back was moving and stunning to get that first person conversation. I can still see Whitman with that blond crew cut,big guy,very handsome and doing something that was so rare you can't imagine at that time. In Calif Long Beach,good luck finding all those guns. I was fascinated by the fact everybody had guns. I didn't
t even see a gun until I moved to Oregon as an adult. Texas everybody carried. That was NOT GOOD to take Cronkites words of 1966 and then push gun crap of todayu. Cronkite said nothing about guns,his words were about personality which seemed strange since crime was so so much lower then,particularly so many numbers killed. so,please be aware that was not the message in 1966. a bit cheesey to act like it was.
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