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Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2017
Matthew Glass and India Steele are back in this 4th installment of the fantasy series that also has touches of romance. This series is very connected from volume to volume so it should be read in order. The main fantasy element is magic. Magic and magicians are controversial in London. Some doubt its existence. Others fear or resent its existence. And still others believe that magic and magicians should be secretly sought and purged from society. This episode is beginning to feel like much of the same with Matthew and India dashing about London in the mid-1800s searching for information and people that might lead them to a more permanent cure for Matthew. Unfortunately, not much is resolved. In addition, the personal relationships between the characters are not moving forward at all. Perhaps the earlier books were more interesting because they each were focused on one area of magic, and more new things were happening with the magic.. Or perhaps I just find Eddie to be petty and uninteresting as a villain and have tired of India’s snippy interchanges with Chronos. The full supporting cast is in this book, but they have little to so they are reduced almost to caricatures of themselves. This review is not to be overly negative. I will still give it four stars and I will still buy the next volume. However, I did not enjoy this book as much as the ones that preceded it in the series. I do think that Glass and Steele could survive as a series if Matthew’s magic problem is solved and the romance brought into the open. Failure to move forward is more likely to kill it.
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