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Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2017
I have been a Ronstadt fan ever since I heard her sing for the first time with The Stone Poneys. There is a clarity in her voice, in Spanish and English, which transfers so beautifully to vinyl and now digital. I know it is not one of her big hits, but I could listen to "The Blue Train" over and over again. I was on one of those trains both figuratively and specifically one very late moon lit night somewhere in a valley near Mexico City. Ms. R sure drags the emotion right out of the listener; and I am glad for it.
I think, we as fans, are sorry that we will never hear that beautiful voice again. But we are 'somewhat' happy that there is a discography a mile long which will live on after her. I have see her in interviews regarding the disease. She is wonderful. For her, stardom was a time of wonderment. I am glad I was able to participate, even a little, on this end.
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