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Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2019
Very enjoyable second season of this great Amazon show. Serafinowicz and Newman are excellent (as always) and some interesting new information comes out about some of the characters. I was very happy to see that Overkill and Miss Lint are back as neither Scott Speiser or Yara Martinez had any mention of being in this on their IMDB pages until the trailer came out a few days ago (NDA for the win I assume). Great new characters and it has some very touching moments as well. I'm just hoping that Amazon renews The Tick for a third outing. Slightly more family friendly in this go round as the profanity is much more toned down (even though I have no problems with profanity myself some reviewers complained about the language in the first season). If you enjoyed season 1 you should definitely enjoy this season as well.
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