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Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2019
Each recipe has an excerpt from a story from.The collection, Love Christmas 2.
Ham, broccoli and Cheese Salad from, Can She Get Home For Christmas, by Rebecca York. This is cooked for a Christmas dinner in the book and it contains Splenda and red onions.
Busy Writer's Rotisserie Chicken Grilled Sandwich from, A Christmas Creek Carol, by Rochelle Ayala. This sandwich is made with leftovers. Leftover deli rotisserie chicken, how easy can it be? In the book, the lettuce is wilted and the recipe says that's okay. Use a toaster oven to heat it up. Like some generation says, Easy Peasy.
There are 4 recipes of Appetizers and drinks, 5 for Main Dishes, baked Goods and Desserts have 14, and side dishes have 4.
Enjoy the eating and reading
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