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Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2020
I bought this book after moving my young family from SF to a very homogeneous suburb. Rode MUNI with my kids & at the time didn’t realize how diversity is taught passively when it’s all around you. Fast forward, my kiddo makes a comment in preschool that shocks me & realize that she’s now in such a bubble. This book is clearly nostalgic for me, but for my kids it’s a chance to talk about all the different lives people live. A chance to talk about race, culture, homelessness, privilege (riding the bus instead of a car, not having a music player), people with disabilities, etc.
To those who choose to post about the grammar In this book, good authors work very hard on depicting dialects, which are 100% a part of one’s culture. Take the opportunity to discuss the diversity that exists in language too. My goodness, white people from Boston add & delete Rs like crazy (Cubar instead of Cuba, ca’ instead of car). 🙃
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