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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2018
The plot is the thing I enjoy about these Ben Coes novels of the Dewey Andreas series. Yes, Dewey is a "super hero" when it comes to being able to endure pain, and he is extraordinarily lucky - over and over again - but, those make the books in the series fun. One just kind of has to accept the unbelievable physical stamina and the incredible number of "head shots" that the various shooters score - and go with the flow.

This particular adventure has Dewey pitted against the head of the Chinese intelligence services - one should be able to guess who wins in the end even before purchasing this book.

However, there are things that bug me when I read these books - things that the proof readers should have caught - for example the author uses (page 204) "bring" when he should have used "take" (NO THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!), another is when (page 277) where he uses the singular "was", when he should have used the plural "were".

Then there are the things that even a small amount of research, or basic knowledge should have caught - page 231 has Tacoma punch in a code into the digital lock - and then in the next paragraph, the author tells us that there is an iris scanner on the same door - which is it??. Another one page 265) is the author mixes up the DEFCON levels - thinking that DEFCON 5 is the highest, when it is actually the lowest level. Another is when Dewey crashes the Mercedes AMG E63 sedan (page 408) - and is upside down following the crash - no mention of the many, and I mean many, air-bags that would have filled the inside of the car. The author just has Dewey hanging there by his seat belt. (By the way the author is correct about the superb brakes on the E63's - even if you don't plunk down the extra $10K for the ceramic ones, the standard AMG brakes are superb!)

The author also has Dao, an undercover assassin, do a five second field strip of a rifle in front of the gun store clerk - no trained agent would ever call attention to themselves by doing the field strip that quickly, even if they could. That is illogical.

But, one does not read this type of novel and expect it to be free of all illogical and proofing errors.

Thus, even given those issues - still a fun book to read.
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