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Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2021
I used to love Joe Ledger novels, but this one... finally jumped the shark, after I already thought the series had jumped it. (Note: This was a birthday gift, and who am I to leave a book unread?)... Yeah. Got it. Joe could be evil b/c he's so awesome, Joe saves the day, evil doesn't die, we got it. We got it after books 4, 5, etc. in the original series; now this (like "Rage") is just a .... rehash. We get it. Same old same old. Angsty Joe, cackling social commentary in monologues, impossible feats of physical prowess.... I got bored, plugged onward, no real reward, the end. If Robert R. McCammon and Stephen King had an overwritten, overblown novel together.... Yeah, that's Joe Ledger since around "extinction machine". IMHO.

Removing from my Kindle as soon as I can. Waste of virtual space.
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