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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019
The grammar in this book is better than most. I hate the misuse most writers have with prepositions and personal pronouns. Most writers don t understand when to use whom it whose either. Many writers overuse commas and give away too much of the plot as clues; thinking we, readers, are are ignorant.

The web Hardy spins is intricate and ever-widening and build a nice, slow, intense yearning for culmination. The only issue I have is with 'A' sex between two consenting partners. If this is stranger's prophylactic protection is a must. There is no safe oral A sex. Serious bacterium and serious yeast normally thrive in this location in a healthy person. Cross contamination to other practices as well as ingesting can make a person seriously ill. This cannot be alleviated thru cleansing. Young people can be seriously misguided and corrupted reading and violent or dark submissive sex to the point where they become battered, abused and mental disturbed. Love is tenderness, fun, mild strength of excitement;never slapping;tying and blindfolding. You can choose to grip a headboard or choose to close your eyes, but never give up freedom of choice or movement. Trust is one thing but stupidity and risk are not any part of love. No one should have to prove love or devotion this way. You prove it thru loving deeds, living words, living gifts, listening, loyalty and respect. A person doesnt need to accept abuse or things that would be shameful if their mother or daughter accidentally witnessed them.
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