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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 21, 2021
After having read the first two books within a week, this was no different. Though it was not full of unexpected twists and turns like the previous two, I still really enjoyed In The Clearing a lot! There were two investigations going on at the same time, the first being the death of a young girl 40 years ago (which was a bulk of the novel) and another being the death of a husband/father set in the present.
The first story line was very good, even though it was just a little predictable there was a shock at the end. The closure of the case did leave me teary eyed, very well written!
The second story line was ok, it was definitely overshadowed and kind of felt like an afterthought by the end. Was it necessary to be a part of the book? I feel it could have been left out.
Don’t get me wrong, this was yet another excellent read, definitely more emotionally driven. You begin reading feeling so sad for this girl’s family, 40 years of not knowing the truth, and by the end after it’s revealed what did happen, wow. All the emotions were there!
I would definitely recommend this book, three for three so far! Now onto the fourth book!!!
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