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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2018
This is the first book I have read by this Author. It is so good that I will now read his other two. A dorky little kid named Billy tells the story. He and his Dad moved to this little island town when he was a toddler after his Mom died. His dad is The maintenance worker for rental cottages. Billy hopes to be a scientist and even does some rudimentary observations for a biologist at a college.
One of the teen daughters of a cottage renter, he met this past summer, has come up missing. Police from all over came in to lend a hand in trying to find her on this little island to no avail.
Billy decides he is going to use his observation skills to find clues in hopes he can pass them along to the police and become a hero and get his picture in the paper.
He has to keep all this under wraps though because his Dad is real cautious about any spotlight being shone on them.
Don’t let my poor review cause you to think this is a rudimentary story about a little kid and his sweet summer adventure. This is a psychological murder mystery with twists and turns. Fast moving. No long boring passages. The author keeps the story on track and provides characters that you like, hate, love.
What Billy tells you is true but he doesn’t know the whole story, or does he.? There is a sub story here that is woven throughout the book. Glimpses of Billy’s past that finally come to light in a surprising way.
I read it in 2 Days. I think that is a high recommendations of a good read.
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