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Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2018
Unbelievable insight into the world of Islam. Emanating from Saudi Arabia outward like concentric circles a picture of a miserable, violent, murderous, people emerges. We helped immeasurably the Muslims via Bin Laden to eject the Russians from Afghanistan. Immediately after the Russians left that country descended into a murderous civil war. Bin Laden was there. Women and children rounded up village by village raped and murdered. Many sold into slavery. The year is 2010. Not some Ancient history. The notion of some great Caliphate under the Ottoman's called a Golden Age is fantasy. From 622 A.D. under Muhammad onward for six hundred years as Islam spread "Murder" was the most notable aspect Of Islam. Village by village be-headings of village elders, the kidnapping of all boy's under age eleven from their parents to be raised in Islamic military schools never to see
their parents again. They did have art work, mathematics, and some architecture. Every village that they slaughtered was graced with a Mosque and the people left alive were forced into Sharia. Women were valued lower than goats. No female births were recorded. Nor their birthdays. Nor deaths. But for Isabella of Spain and the Crusades the violent Theocracy would have engulfed Europe and Asia. I could not put the book down. It will frighten and enlighten.
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