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Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2021
Years after her involvement in the Empire's war against fanatical
Kanzi offshoots, Captain Morgan Casmir has volunteered for service
at the far edge of A'Tol territory. Partly this is due to some
romantic tension with her lovers, but mainly her involvement in
taking down a precursor bio-artifact during the late war has brought
her to fleet command's attention given that there is some evidence
the artifact was not a one-off.

Now one of the Empire's precursor survey expeditions has gone missing
and the people who made that happen may have an artifact that eats stars..

I enjoyed this outing in Stewart's "Duchy Of Terra" series. It was a
nice change from the all-out space battles of the previous sub-trilogy,
without lacking for large scale menace. I think Stewart's writing is
getting a bit less ostentatiously woke, which is nice though Casmir
did pick up another addition to her polyamorous grouping here. (And
he is a welcome contrast: A "soft" non-military man, though he will
do what has to be done when needed). I would have liked to see
some speculation about negotiating with a certain class of new
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