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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2018
As a makeup artist and one who frequently wears makeup, I wanted to get rid of the peach fuzz on my face that was only visible (and likely only noticeable to myself, really) when I would wear foundation and had to be mindful of brush strokes making the peach fuzz “stand up.” Instead of visiting my dermatologist for an expensive dermaplaning treatment (i was also interested in the benefits of dermaplaning as a skin exfoliating treatment), I decided to give these little one-blade razors a go first after a friend’s recommendation. And they honestly worked great! I have quite sensitive skin, so I did a test run on a small portion of my face first, then moisturized, and when I noticed no irritation the following days, I continued with the rest of my face. I worked with short, light strokes and I was easily able to remove the fuzz on my upper lip, chin, and on the sides of my face and jawline with no problems. I was also able to clean up around my brows where my tweezers were useless! I bought a pack of six and each razor comes with its own cover over the blade for safety.

I’m not a professional in hair removal (just makeup!), so I would do your research before deciding to do this for yourself. Because the blade does exfoliate the skin while remove any unwanted hair, it shouldn’t be done too often or on skin with certain skin issues. So definitely do lots of research or even consider consulting with your dermatologist if you have other skin concerns or conditions.

But what I can definitely say is that my bits of peach fuzz are removed with ease and my face feels SO smooth after I “shave” and moisturize! My foundation glides on and looks so good!

Also, the hair *doesnt* grow back thicker or darker or in greater quantity. The hair may seem “thicker” when growing back because when it is shaved off, a blunt end is formed on the tiny hair and makes it seem thicker, but it’s not at all. I’ve been doing this for about a year now and I will “shave” about twice a month and toss the blade after it’s second or third use so it doesn’t irritate my skin. But at this price, I’m super happy!
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