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Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2014
I think I loved the other cover more. The girl is not what I imagined but...

5 stars for the story, characters, pace of the development of scenes (am I making sense? )

4 stars for the dialogues. As someone who rated this 3 stars said...the dialogues are too ping pong style.

3 stars for... some holes in the story for e.g. what happened to Nate's mother and Tilly?

My favorite parts of this book were: the arguments between Violet and Ryn are priceless, something about glow-bugs asses? :) I will come back with that and the ending (of course, they do not marry like in 90% of YA stories :) )

The overall feeling was...I really had fun, the entire story was delicious, Violet+Ryn= super funny ...this is what a relationship should start as...friendship, hurt, disappointments then forgiveness and love.

I don't know...I think re-reading this will generate a better review. But until then...This is the best book I have read until now among the YA series.

Note: 05.03.2015 As I said, the girl in on the cover book is not really how I imagined Violet. Yes she is ambitious and the girl looks like she would kick your ass but...I don't know.

Anyway , What I wanted to say is that this book became my favorite. Part of the reason is that I can't find a similar plot where the two main characters had known each other for a long time and not just get together for a makeout session and get married. But anyway...
I cannot understand how girls would fall in love so easily...I don't get it. Just because the guy is hot? So this is why I like this book and gave it a 5 star...but as a work of literature it's 3-4 stars.
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