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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2018
What can it be said? This was the movie event of the year. Marvel's Cinematic Universe adds another great movie to its collection and I don't think it can be said enough.

Taking its cues from the popular comic book angle, Captain America Civil War brings to fold the epic storyline of the Avengers divided on the moral questions of their phenomenal powers and skills used independently or on the orders of global authority. Steve Rogers is against this whereas Tony Stark is for it. Almost from the beginning its clear both men have noble reasons for what they believe and it is amazing how well told this is. Written as well as other comic book fares such as the Dark Knight Trilogy, not bad considering this is the third film in a series. There is no sequelitis here and in fact, becomes a major turning point for the Avengers. I even heard someone called this Avengers 2.5.

Make no mistake I'm for Team Cap, Steve grew up in World War II and he learned first hand the problems with the reliance on global concerns above doing the right thing. A League of Nations didn't stop Hitler and only made him stronger, along with HYDRA. Tony relies on the need to set limits but deep down wants respect and admiration from the world. As far as I'm concerned he was a sellout and only interested in trying his best for himself and not the world and of course the team.

Yet as this goes down a mysterious third party is using a traumatic incident from the Winter Soldier's past against the Avengers as they splinter from within. This leads to an awesome encounter between Captain America vs Iron Man first in an encounter with their respective teams and finally one on one in an abandoned HYDRA bunker which is epic as the original comic.

Civil War or Avengers 2.5 gets its name from having Captain America's team of Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man fight against Iron Man, War Machine, Vision, Black Widow alongside two newcomers. Black Panther and Spider-Man.

Black Panther. What can it be said? I knew next to nothing on him other than his fearsome costume, but his presence brought to life by Chadwick Boseman is an amazing gift to fans old and new.

Spider-Man. Marvel finally brings back its beloved hero to its Cinematic Universe and everyone should celebrate. Tom Holland brings back the teenaged innocence of the web-slinger that Tobey Maguire brought but also some of the modern styles that Andrew Garfield brought. Though I would have loved it for Garfield's Spider-Man movies to be inserted in the MCU, this is still a pretty good actor in Holland and am really glad for his appearance.

Both newbies will get their own movies prior to the massive two-part Avengers sequels coming soon, but this is certainly a nice sample.

Truly an epic.
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