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Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2020
Oh man oh man do I love this thing. I have bought 2 of these. Only because we moved and the people buying our house asked to keep our first one. First of all make sure you clean the area really really well for the best adhesion. Secondly, if you have a gas stove (our last house was gas) be mindful of the radiant heat. Sometimes while cooking the flames on ours would jump a bit and we had a few like tiny warped parts. Now we have a flat electric cook top. While sometimes this might look strange I personally do not give a flip. My son is 2 almost 3 and is the height of an average 4 year old. He is also autistic and a sensory seeker so no matter how many times he gets burned he will continue to attempt to touch the frigging stove. This has not eliminated that problem or worry but it has helped. I can only blocks so much of the stove at once so this has helped me block the rest. And when the kids are not home or it needs a good cleaning it comes right out of the holder.
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