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Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2020
This is for "AGPTEK A02S 16GB MP3 Player with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, 70 Hours.... " My biggest gripe is that I can't tell why or how or when it is going to remember where it was or if it is going to revert to some previously "saved" location. This makes playing audiobooks a lot more of a pain. I often just leave it paused for hours on end rather than turn it off because the battery life is great, but the interface less so.

It deals with audio stored in the external card differently from the internal storage, and supposedly has a limit to 4K files - a lot, but you could have a lot more with 128G card. I also found making playlists rather hard - it didn't work the way they said it would, I had to make the playlist go up a directory and then down to the current directory to work - no idea why - a sort of a pain. I gave up. Also I am not sure how it decides what order to play files if they aren't in a playlist. I usually just used the file folder way of selecting to play since that seemed to follow album order. All in all a decent player with ok sound quality, but the clunky and somewhat random seeming interface brings it down. If it just behaved a little more logically it would be a lot better.
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