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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2020
IRRESISTIBLE VALENTINE (Irresistible Romance Book 3) is an anthology of valentine romance stories by nine top authors Tamara Ferguson, Natalie Ann, Suzanne Jenkins, Cynthia Cooke, Alicia Street, Jacquie Biggar, Stacy Eaton, Susan Jean Ricci and Patrice Wilton. Each story is about unsuspecting couples that meet and fall in love some in the most unlikeliest circumstances.

Two Hearts’ Reconnaissance: Tamara Ferguson, is a wonderful story where teenagers Eve and Harry meet at Crystal Rock and grow up together but when they follow their hearts passions, they end up losing each other. Will the magic continue in the place they met? Tamara never lets me down with her stories and this one is just as good as all the others.

Cupid’s Quest: Natalie Ann, is the tale of two damaged souls from their pasts that come together through a common goal. Ruby has walls around her heart and doesn’t let anyone in easily. Josh is looking for a home he can make for his family, now he just has to convince her that they can be together. This is a captivating story and one of my favourites in this anthology.

A Little Change of Plans: Suzanne Jenkins, is a great story where Geri is new to the fire station and is driven for a career and will not let anyone stand in her way. All it took is one look and Jake was in love, now he needs to prove it to her.

All Night Long: Cynthia Cooke, is fun and had me laughing as I read about these wonderful characters. Phoebe wants to make her own way as a wedding planner and Beau just wants to keep the bar and hotel in the valley and make it his own. If only he could convince her to stay. A great story to get lost in.

Never Lovers: Alicia Street, is an emotional tale of two people torn apart by a tragedy. Now after many years apart they are forced to share accomodation when wanting to get away from their day to day life. Will true love find its way back to them? A good read.

The Player: Jacquie Biggar, is the story of Roy who made a bad decision in the female department and now it is affecting his game when this stalker won’t leave him alone. Patience who is a PR person and is hired to make Roy look good after a crazy ex tries to get him back but destroying his game in the process. What neither of them expect is the lengths she will go to and what they find with each other. I really enjoyed this story and would have loved more.

Unexpected Packages: Stacy Eaton, Lexi is mortified when a package is delivered to the wrong address and is then brought to her. What was once total annoyance turns into something more than they ever thought possible. All the feel goods came out with this one. I would actually like to see more of this couple.

First Class Flirtation: Susan Jean Ricci, Melissa is looking forward to the extra room she booked on her flight but an altercation changes things and now she is stuck with a grumpy stranger. However these two unlikely people soon learn they cannot live without each other but they may not get their happy ever after when tragedy strikes.

Serendipity Falls: Patrice Wilton, There is something in the water at this unsuspecting town in the snow, Devon doesn’t believe it and he loves his life being a one and done kind of guy but when Tara comes to town he finds she has something he can’t seem to stay away from. Cupid does love love now if only he could find it too. This is a nice and easy enjoyable read.
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