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Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2019
What? Virgil has a girlfriend who’s preggers with twins? What? They live on her farm and love it! She’s already the mother of five sons. Yikes! Last time I read a Flowers book, he was a flamin’ womanizer. Now he’s in love. His obsession with fishing 🎣 hasn’t changed, though. In “Bloody Genius” Virgil is asked by the Governor of Minnesota to take a look at a murder case and please get it solved by the weekend. “It’s already Thursday.” Flowers gets some help from Shake, Capslock, and Jenkins. Even Davenport makes an appearance. In fact, Virgil and his girlfriend, Frankie, have dinner with Lucas and Weather, just like regular people. I digress. I’m writing to other hard core fans of John Sandford’s books.

As a police procedural and thriller, this story is top notch. I had a hard time figuring out who the killer was, which is fun. I love the dialogue and pace of the story. Flowers’ love is 7 months pregnant and he doesn’t call home every night he is gone? Not realistic. Also, would have given the author more opportunities for funny dialogue. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this read!
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