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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2018
Let me say that the rules in this book are tried and true throughout history, and are still being used successfully to this day. Now a lot of people are complaining that this book is a how to guide to being a sociopath. If you approach it from the perspective that you should follow every rule to the T....then yes, this is that, but the reality is that you should take note on these tactics and employ them piecemeal to succeed in seduction and gaining power. You can use these tactics for good as well. Robert Greene himself when asked if he follows all of his rules he said: “Everyone assumes I practise all of my own laws but I don’t. I think anybody who did would be a horrible ugly person to be around,” ..... So use these tactics to succeed. Hell the dating aspect can be used to make sure good people don't get seduced by psychopaths, and you can employ this to get someone you like while help them avoid the genuinely bad.
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