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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2021
This has got to be the most surprising disappointment of a book. Who are all these 5 star reviewers? The writing was boring, the characters flat, it was repetitive, contrived.. The author created suspense by basically not telling you anything forEVER. And the daughter whom the protagonist, Hannah, was to protect? Complete brat. She was just miserable ALL THE TIME and yet, Hannah, to the point of obsequiousness, is constantly trying to win her over and every page has some melodramatic prose about her heart breaking wide open or being thrilled with the slightest act of grace from the obnoxious brat in need of protection. Why was daughter so entitled to be miserable and rude while being raised by doting dad in Sausalito of all places? Dad just shrugs, Hannah tries harder because she is, IDK, spineless? But wait until you get to the part where we find out what daughter is being protected from! It's so absurd, so implausible that hurling book at wall seemed reasonable. Hannah is just a constant pillar of deep introspection and moral superiority. She's going to devote her whole life to said brat. Also, Grady, the US Marshall character? No! No, he would not have spent over a decade personally invested in the life of the son-in-law of an ex con and he most certainly wouldn't have worn a baseball cap on backwards in every appearance he makes in the novel. What grown man in law enforcement walks around in his professional life with a baseball cap on backwards? Was that supposed to be charming? Because I see that backwards cap on any man's head and I want to knock it the heck off.

The only pleasure I got out of this book is the cathartic experience I'm having writing this review and arriving at the sound decision of never buying a Reese Witherspoon book club pick again. And if she produces or stars in the film or series version, I'll never forgive her or watch Walk the Line again for like the 12th time.
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