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Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2020
I am a grandmother with a 16 month old grandson who does not live close so I needed a high chair for when he came to stay with us for a bit. Seeing the price on this definitely made me jump on this one since I knew he would only be using this maybe three weeks out of the year. Here are my pros and cons for this high chair:

Price, I paid $39.99 for the Elephant Squares design
Folds easily and is compact when folded
Is lightweight
Easy to assemble from the box
Steady and does not tip over

This is the most important one for me. The way the seat is made, it is more like a sling that reclines and does not support the child in an upright position. My grandchild sits up just fine so I thought this would not be an issue but the angle it sits at make it impossible for him to stay upright without lying back. We had to put dish towels behind his back to give him some support so he was comfortable sitting upright.

There is no seat liner so you cannot remove any part of the seat for cleaning. There were no big spills or messes while he was using it but I don't want to think about what a disaster it would have been if he had spilled milk into the seat. The seat is thin so I suppose you could possibly take the whole thing outside and hose it down and let it air dry. Not sure if that would cause other parts to rust.

My advise, even if you are looking for a high chair for a short period of time, pay a bit more or find a good used one somewhere. I will be donating this one to charity and investing in something a bit more substantial.
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