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Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2020
I have to add a Star because my problems might be due to it being a refurbished unit—An original Model 5 might be better.
Voice commands don’t work. Part of the problem is every time I turn it on, it is reset to voice commands Off. I turn them on manually, it still doesn’t work.
Not happy with the battery life. No way to plug in an exterior battery. (A local news article was about police with body cams and how a problem is their batteries last only eight hours. THESE last only Two.
Even when on Looping, it doesn’t loop. It stops when the SD card is full. I have to manually delete the files.
When mounted on a chest or head harness, we can’t see exactly what it’s pointed at. I can think of ways GoPro could have simple aiming guides. Example, laser pointers, which some pepper sprayers now have. I’m adding my own. Oops, now GoPro OR a harness manufacturer will steal my brilliant idea.
It uses up SD card memory with .LRV and .THM files.
It doesn’t automatically switch to night mode, which is lame by today’s standards, and its Daylight mode is BAD in dim light. Switching to night mode can’t be done from the GoPro’s touch screen, so it’s awkward and time-consuming.
There are many problems that “could” be blamed on the separately purchased harnesses, but sometimes the core issue is Where something is located on the GoPro. Example, the Battery and SD Card are accessed on the bottom, but that is where all the harnesses have the positioning hinge. Thus, there can’t be an access hole on the harness so we can change these short-lifed batteries. I have to take the harness off, force the GoPro out of the holder, and only then change the battery and/or the SD Card (which won't Loop), put it back into the harness, finally put the harness on again.
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