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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2016
I don't usually bother with reviews, but feel this trilogy deserves some accolades. I really enjoyed all three books in the trilogy. I found the characters and the story very compelling. The sci-fi technology was immaginative, unexpected at times and yet still believable. The story itself kept you glued to the book. The politics, subtrfuge, and backroom dialogue added meat to the overall storyline and shows the author's solid grasp of us humans and our shortcomings, as well as strengths. The despicable trait that those who crave power and dominance over their fellow man, with no concern about sacrificing countless lives, is an age old human tragity. I fear the author's predictions that mankind will not "grow up" by the time we reach for the stars is more believable than the idealistic utopian societies displayed in so many sci-fi books, movies, and tv shows.
I have one minor suggestion about the editing on the third book; I noticed at least half-a-dozen typographical errors that, as my more literate wife says,"knocks the reader out of the story"'. I'm misstified that a simple word processor didn't catch them.

I would love to see a movie series made at the quality level applied to the Harry Potter, Hobbit, and similar movie examples where the storyline of the book is followed as closly as possible. I'm giving this trilogy five stars dispute the apparent rush to press of the third book.
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